The worrt is an amphibious creature native to Tatooine. It is omnivorous, but is also known to attempt to eat rocks and metal objects, which led to the demise of many worrts. It uses its long tongue to catch smaller prey, but often tries to attack creatures bigger than itself.

Worrts can, with great difficulty, be trained as housepets. Jabba Desilijic Tiure kept a number of worrts as pest control, exploiting the creature's lightning-quick tongue. The worrt counted the native ibian among its prey. Worrt venom tastes like tricopper and is strong enough to kill a bantha.

It was said that there were giant worrts - much larger than 1.5 meters in height - roaming the tops of the barren mountains of Tatooine.

A close relative of the worrt is the aggressive sevorrt.