The Vornskr is a canine beast that can hunt using the Force.


The Vornskr, native to the planet Myrkr, is a wild, vicious canine beast that has an unusual ability to hunt using the Force. This ability evolved to help them hunt ysalamiri, but a side effect is that they interpret Force-sensitive people as their favorite prey animal. Vornskrs are primarily nocturnal hunters, and use their whiplike, mildly venomous tails to stun prey before finishing it off with their teeth. They are normally sedate during the day, but hunger or other factors can drive them to hunt during daylight hours.

Before Jedi Master Mace Windu refined it into Vaapad, the Form VII style of lightsaber combat was referred to as the Way of the Vornskr.

Tyber Zann was known to use such creatures within the Zann Consortium after they took them away as pups where they served as effective hunters for enemy troops that managed to escape.

The smuggler Talon Karrde kept two Vornskrs, Sturm and Drang, as pets and guard animals. He discovered that cutting off their whip-like tails was similar to castration, since it removed most of their hunting aggression, a fact he detailed in an article published in Galactic Zoology Monthly.

During the Peace Brigade attack on Yavin 4, Talon Karrde outsmarted the Peace Brigade by leading them into the hands of Kam and Tionne Solusar. He achieved this by commanding his two Vornskrs to find the Jedi and allowing the Peace Brigaders to follow the trail. Once he found the Jedi, the Peace Brigaders were effortlessly disposed of. During this pretended Jedi hunt, Talon Karrde convinced the Peace Brigaders into thinking that he is the owner of the last two remaining Vornskrs. The Peace Brigaders seemed to believe him; the Yuuzhan Vong, however, discovered the Vornskrs on Myrkr on their own and they used the species as a biological template for the Voxyn.

Vornskrs were also found as guards in the Dark Force Temple on Dromund Kaas.