Thrantas are a group of flying animals found originally on Alderaan. While there are multiple breeds varying in size and functions (some for personal travel, others for massive air ferries) most thrantas serve the purpose of being air transport.
The predominant physical feature of these creatures are their mantaray like figures. Often misidentified as a thranta is the aiwha of Kamino, an imported species originally hailing from Naboo.

Thrantas survived the extinction of most Alderaanian life by the first Death Star however, due to a few members of their species being shipped to the tibanna gas rich planet, Bespin. Here, they enjoyed the open skies under the watchful care of the mysterious Thranta Riders.

Some thrantas were also transplanted to Coruscant but died due to the air pollution, and only in Bespin could one see the thrantas thrive as a tourist attraction to the world as either wild beasts, or in thranta rodeos.

Various Species of Thranta