Pierceskimmers are large fish-like ocean predators that had been found on a number of worlds. They grow between 52 and 60 feet in length, some as large as 72 feet, though reports of ones reaching 100 feet are largely considered to be fictional.

A pierceskimmer's most distinguishing feature was its large spike-like horn, taking up a third of its length. It has four sets of fins, two dorsal pairs splayed in "V" formations, as well as a pectoral pair and a ventral pair further spaced along its body, propelling it through the water at dangerous speeds. Also worth noting is the tough blue/gray hide of the creature, covered with countless number of tiny scales, which could rip and tear flesh upon contact. Its hide can be used to make items such as boots or belts, though one has to be careful not to cut oneself on it.

Pierceskimmers were extremely dangerous carnivores, attacking creatures far larger than themselves, even boats and repulsorcraft. In combat, the pierceskimmer would stab its foe dozens of times with its large horn, sometimes skewering smaller creatures outright. The predator could strike with enough force to punch straight through armor and rip through vital organs. After killing a foe, the pierceskimmer would usually take a few bites, leaving most of the creature untouched as it swam on, often resulting in the pierceskimmer being followed by water-going scavengers that feed in its wake. Pierceskimmers do not attack each other, and occasionally hunt in small packs for brief periods of time. Usually, the resulting damage to local commerce and tourism is enough that big-game hunters must be hired to remove the threat.

Historians hypothesize that most of the pierceskimmers found on other worlds have been removed from the original homeworld (likely Drexel II) a long time ago by game hunters, only to escape into the wilds and flourish.