Nerfs are antlered mammalian herbivores raised on farms and in animal nurseries on planets such as Alderaan and Kashyyyk. They are popular for their meat, nerfmilk, and soft hide. It is suspected that they originated on Alderaan, but escaped its destruction.

In the wild, they were common prey for predators such as manka cats and taoparis. They are often hunted by sentient beings such as the Gungans.

Subspecies of nerfs included Grizmallt nerfs and wildernerfs. A number of nerf breeds were also found on the Tunroth Triumvirate worlds.

Herders of the beasts—nerfherders—were well known for being as scruffy-looking and surly as their livestock. To be called a nerfherder was considered a strong insult.

Their hide was used as a material for chairs.

There was also a crude sport involving nerfs: nerf-throwing.


The use of nerf meat in food is very popular in the galaxy. It is prepared and served in a variety of ways such as:

braised nerf



nerf sausage

nerf steak

nerf tenderloin

smoked nerf

nerf cubes

nerf strips
The nerf meat industry is a very important sector of the economy of planets such as Olanet. Some companies are dedicated to processing nerf meat, such as Haug Nerf Industries, Grand Horn Ranch Corporation and Davengatt's Double-Zed Nerf Ranch