The Coruscani ogre is a large semi-sentient humanoid beast that lives in Coruscant sublevels, sewers, and dumps. While most of these ogres demonstrated similar features such as sparse patches of hair, leathery skin, and large misshapen triangular heads with wide mouths containing jagged teeth; it was interesting to note that no two of these beasts looked alike. Millennia of exposure to sewage, pollution, reactor radiation, poor diets, and destroyed ecosystems on Coruscant most likely contributed to the ogres' deformed, motley, mutated appearances. It is believed that these creatures are primates and closely related to Humans. However, like the Corridor ghoul, the true origins of this creature are unknown.

Ogres are observed using basic tools and weapons such as clubs, but so far it is unknown if an ogre can be taught to communicate. They also had been observed using rags and cloth to warm and cover their body, though this behavior was extremely rare. Ogres are omnivorous scavengers and hunters, but prefer to avoid Human contact. However, an ogre is dangerous to sentient creatures if threatened, startled, scared, angry, or hungry.

Some of these beasts are captured and lobotomized by Imperial forces, who called them Friendlies, who would use them to destabilize planetary governments. This is done by secretly releasing the ogres onto a planet where they would terrorize the locals. Afterward, stormtroopers would be dispatched to eliminate the ogres and thus win over the local civilians. Thus, the species spread to other worlds where they survived and prospered while those remaining on Coruscant perished, for the most part, during the Yuuzhan Vong terraforming of the planet.