Corellian sand panthers are large, predatory felines native to Corellia. They have venomous claws used to weaken their prey. Though illegally, sand panthers are often hunted by poachers for their prized fur and poisonous venom. Their hide is used to make leather for fine clothing and purses which fetched a very high price due to its rarity.

Sand panthers live primarily in desert environments, but can sometimes be found in more temperate zones as well. Their coats are a light yellow or tan to help them blend into their arid surroundings, although the rare albino or silver-furred panther has been known to exist.

Although the creatures are not nocturnal they were very rarely seen amongst Corellians and are virtually impossible to tame.

Doallyn's sand panther encounter Sometime before 4 ABY the Geran hunter Doallyn went game hunting on Corellia. He was attacked by a sand panther that slashed his face with its claws. The claws' poison permanently disfigured Doallyn's face. He now has to wear a full-face helmet like the one below.